The tiles are laid, the clay is placed, and the paint is spread. After testing which type of glue to use that would stick better, which coloured tiles are lightest but still look most elegant, how and where to place the clay and its type, final decisions have been made. So many troubles have been... Continue Reading →


Clay time

    Keeping the surfaces of the clay flat was a challenge. The clay I used was a Japanese clay that is 40% lighter than regular clay and dries quicker. I played around with the clay before applying it to the structure, and it seemed perfectly fine except for it curling up and slightly shrinking upon... Continue Reading →

Tom Wright (Artist Inspiration)

Tom Wright is a British architect best known as the designer of the Burj al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai, UAE. Wright became design director for the Jumeirah Beach Resort, Dubai, and designed the Burj al Arab which was conceived in October 1993 and finished in 1999. The brief was to... Continue Reading →

The hard part

So the upper part of the building decided to serve its purpose and stay steady and very well held onto the metal, even after filling its sides with the tiles.      After running through the supply shop for more and more tiles, i had to worry about the middle part of the structure. I... Continue Reading →

Richard Mcdonald (Artist Inspiration)

MacDonald's work portrays "the beauty of the human body and the spirit that drives it." He is well educated in painting and illustrating and a fire that destroyed his studio did not stop him. Later in his life, he began sculpting and became one of the most collected present-day figurative sculptors in the USA. Richard... Continue Reading →

Back to building!

       I attached another 2 shoe boxes together and had them taped really well onto the upper part of the metal bar. These new boxes represent the uppermost third of the building & since there won't be something supporting it from underneath, i made sure the boxes' material was the lightest out of... Continue Reading →


Referencing the work of Bruno Catalano, a french sculptor, The building is going to be have quite the gap in the middle of it. It is extremely interesting how Catalano's sculptures hold them self together unlike real humans who would not stand straight if those parts were missing. Like a chunk of the structure has... Continue Reading →

The art deco building

A scaled-down version of a 50x50 art nouveau styled building. Its colours are inspired by the Plaza de España's bright peachy ceramics which was designed by Aníbal González Álvarez-Ossorio, a Spanish architect. The different shades of colours of the building will be presented by small ceramic tiles that serve the building's design. The base of... Continue Reading →

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