Painting Completed!

  The painting turned out to look rather interesting. The colours look brighter than I have thought they will be but that has come to the benefit of the painting. The structure is on the table to show it's real life size compared to a table that big. From the windows, I painted a clear... Continue Reading →


Update on Painting of Sculpture

Almost done with my painting. Shades of brown and beige are a good set of colours for a classic/modern interior. The reason I chose such colours and space is because of the fact that the structure is to fit in any theme you place it in, whether in a vintage-theme room, a modernised room, or... Continue Reading →

Attempt of structure

Bringing the structure to life by moulding my hand again and using concrete was fun. The fingers were way too stretched instead of being a little closed in like I imagined them to be. The structure looks very worn yet showed a lot of detail. The hand's arm was not tall enough for the structure... Continue Reading →

Edward Hopper (Artist Inspiration)

An American realist painter that has inspired many with his pieces of work. One of his most iconic pieces is 'Nighthawks' which was the wallpaper of my computer back in secondary school. Being a small shipbuilder, he dreamt of being a naval architect during his high school years but that came to an end after... Continue Reading →

Self-Directed Project

For my self-directed project for the summer term, I'm going to be painting out what my structure will be. It's a structure of a human arm with an open hand that is almost 80 cm tall. My painting's size is going to be as tall as the structure (80cm) and 50cm wide, so 80cm x... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook update

I've added quite a lot of drawings to my sketchbook lately and started thinking what I'll be doing for my self-directed project this term. I drew Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen of Ancient Egypt, which is one of my favourite ancient figures. Random unfinished sketches also fill my sketchbook like these sketches of bulbs, each in... Continue Reading →

Inside my sketchbook

So many additions have been made to my sketchbook, here are some. The first drawing is a concept of a bathroom I thought looks like my old bathroom back home. I added the bathtub even though it was a bit of a pain to scale onto the drawing because what's a bathroom without a bathtub.... Continue Reading →

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